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The segments of the Byway have very different road conditions.

High Park Road and Teller One are two lane and paved for the entire length.

Phantom Canyon Road is unpaved and narrow; vehicles over 25 feet are not permitted to travel Phantom Canyon Road.

Shelf Road is unpaved.Between the climbing area and Cripple Creek, Shelf Road is very narrow and winding with steep drop offs.

Four wheel drive is recommended and may be required for travel through this area when the road is wet.

Please take extra care to drive defensively on Phantom Canyon Road and Shelf Road.

Always expect a vehicle around the next bend and sound your horn if you can't see.

Yield to uphill traffic in one lane sections by using the nearest turnout.

Driving times may vary on the different segments of the Byway.

For the quickest and easiest route between Cañon City and Cripple Creek, take High Park Road. Allow 1 1/2 hours driving time.

Allow at least 2 hours to drive Shelf Road between Cañon City and Cripple Creek.

Allow 2 hours to travel between Florence and Victor on Phantom Canyon Road.

Traveling Teller One between Cripple Creek and Florissant takes about one half hour.

If you plan to stop and enjoy the scenery, your travel time can be extended by several hours or even days!

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