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Phantom Canyon Road

Follows what was once the busiest narrow gauge railroad in the West.

Shelf Road

The road carried stagecoaches from the Arkansas Valley to the mining camps.

High Park Road

First route connecting the gold fields to the Arkansas Valley.

Teller County Road One

Traveled by as many as sixteen stagecoaches daily.

Teller County Road One







Teller County Road 1 is a meandering hard-surfaced road that was the first stage route to Cripple Creek.

The road heads south from Highway 24 at Florissant past the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.

It intersects High Park Road at Evergreen Station, and continues on to Cripple Creek from there.

*Most services are available only at either end of the route.

Scenic views courtesy of Lenore Hotchkiss; Stumps coutresy of Florssiant Fossil Beds National Monument.







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