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Gold Belt Tour

The Gold Belt Tour is a Colorado Scenic and Historic Byway and a National Scenic Byway. Drive the Gold Belt Tour and retrace the historic travel routes connecting Cripple Creek and Victor Mining District, site of the world's largest gold rush, to the communities of Florence, Cañon City and Florissant.

Today, the communities of the Gold Belt Tour invite you to experience the rich local heritage as you follow the "Roads to Riches." The Gold Belt Tour is located in southern Colorado, just one hour from Colorado Springs or Pueblo and two hours from Denver.

You can reach the northern end of the Byway from U.S. Highway 24 and the southern end via U.S. Highway 50.

Each of the roads offers distinct scenery ranging from rolling mountain parklands to deep rocky canyons. Each of the communities offers its unique character and convenient services including a variety of restaurants, lodging, shops, entertainment and events.

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